Kaumira canyon is downhill all the way with more jumps, more ziplines, more slides and more abseils than any other canyon in NZ!
The canyon itself is hidden in the hills between Geraldine, Timaru and Lake Tekapo (about an hours drive from each).  Though our office and gear shed are in Geraldine, we now meet our guests near to the canyon in the small country village of Cave and from there we drive to the canyon in convoy, so please contact us prior as bookings are essential.

Once at the Mt Nimrod Track,  we load up onto a 4WD side by side and travel up through the adjoining mountain farm station searching for wallabies bouncing around the bush and taking in incredible views.

Technical and safety training are completed once at the stream, then we just start following the water down a through a natural water park!  


PRICE: From $299 NZD


RECOMMENDED FOR: Adventurous athletic people comfortable with heights.

DURATION: 8-12hrs total (4-6 hrs in the canyon)


WHATS INCLUDED: Canyoning equipment, professional guides, 4WD, lunch, beverages, snacks and edited highlights movie.


WHAT TO BRING: Dress for the days forecasted weather. 

Swimsuit (wear under your clothes in the morning) or bring a dry change of underwear for the end of the day (plastic bag), towel, water bottle.


REQUIREMENTS: Swimming ability not required


MINIMUM AGE: 13-14 (see T&C for more details).


Please read our FAQs for details on your day!


SELF DRIVING?  Meet in the little country town of Cave.

An exclusive 4WD to the top of the canyon through gorgeous farmland makes this the easiest and best accessed canyon in NZ! 


Once at the waters edge, training and a comprehensive safety talk will be given prior to going into the water. We will give you all the skills and info you’ll need.  There are always options if you are scared to do the bigger jumps... like ANOTHER zipline!


Canyoning- approx. 4 to 6 hours in the canyon.


Complimentary post trip snack & refreshment at location.


Simply choose your tour then contact us directly to order.