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No more Covid-19?

As a commercial operator we are required to take every practicable step to make our workplace as safe as possible for ourselves, our guests and the wider community.

Since the Covid-19 traffic light system is no longer in use, we ask that you do your bit for everyone else on the tour or course and to stay home if you are sick or have any of the Covid-19 signs and symptoms as described below. 

If you have been in contact with anyone in the past week (7 days) that has tested positive for Covid-19 or has has a cold or flu like symptoms leading up to the trip PLEASE;

  • Take a Rapid Antigen Test so you have confidence you are not responsible for spreading Covid-19 to the wider community.

  • Contact us to discuss alternative options (wear masks, reschedule, refund etc).

Visit the Covid-19 website for the most up to date information on the signs and symptoms of Covid-19. If you have any doubts, please contact us (see the form below) or call 0800244762 to rebook or cancel your trip or course. 

Common symptoms of COVID-19 are like those found with illnesses such as a cold or influenza. You may have one or more of the following:

  • New or worsening cough

  • Sneezing and runny nose

  • Fever (at least 38 degrees)

  • Temporary loss of smell or altered sense of taste

  • Sore throat

  • Shortness of breath

Less common symptoms of COVID-19 may include diarrhoea, headache, muscle aches, nausea, vomiting, malaise, chest pain, abdominal pain, joint pain or confusion/irritability. These almost always occur with one or more of the common symptoms.

Symptoms tend to arise around two to five days after a person has been infected but can take up to 14 days to show. The virus can be passed onto others before they know they have it – from up to two days before symptoms develop.


We’re looking forward to take you and your friends, family, bubbles and social groups to the edge… you just have to jump off of it! 


If you have any questions about your canyoning trip and covid-19, please get in touch.

33 Cox Street, Geraldine,

Canterbury 7930
New Zealand

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